Abrasive Wheels Mounters Course More Details
Duration 0.5 days
LTC Training Services
Aims and Objectives To provide training in the safe mounting of Abrasive wheels and discs on grinding/cutting machines in accordance with the Provision of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Please note that should you require a course on Abrasive Wheels Mounting and Cutting the course content needs to be tailored to suit the type of cutting/application you are carrying out. If you require a bespoke course of this nature please feel free to contact us so that we are able to provide you with a quotation. 

By the end of the course candidates will be able to:
State the hazards that exist when using abrasive wheels and the precautions to take to overcome these hazards
Identify different abrasive wheel codes and explain their meaning in relation to type of abrasive, grain size, hardness etc.
Explain/demonstrate the approved method of inspection/testing of various types of abrasive wheel
Explain the functions of named parts
Demonstrate the correct method of mounting an abrasive wheel to a machine
Pre-Requisites No formal qualifications or experience are necessary. Literacy and language comprehension are important requirements on all courses.
Course ContentIntroduction and housekeeping
Aims and objectives
Definition of an abrasive wheel
Legal overview
Consideration for the safe use of abrasive wheels
Machine types
Abrasive wheel characteristics
Marking methods

Wheel bursting
Components and their functions
Mounting of abrasive wheels
Guards/work rests
Truing and dressing
Storage handling of abrasive wheels
Multi-choice question paper
Course review
Who will benefit from this course Anyone who is required to use or change the blade on an abrasive wheel cutter/grinder
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